Monday, April 10, 2017

Office Web Apps SSL Certificate Configuration Gotcha

Must find more time for publishing stuff. Plethora of ideas - but when it comes to time I am plethoraless.

Anyways, ran in to this one while configuring an Office Web Apps 2013 farm the right way using a certificate:

I had a certificate added to Certificates (Local Computer)\Web Hosting figuring that is where IIS would be looking for it when I created a new OWA farm. 

But when I ran this:
New-OfficeWebAppsFarm ... -CertificateName "TheCorrectCertificateFriendlyName"

I got this:
New-OfficeWebAppsFarm : Office Web Apps was unable to find the specified certificate.

Add the certificate to Certificates (Local Computer)\Personal because the command will find it if you do.
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