Monday, June 7, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Quick Tip: Expose the Enterprise Wiki Template

Was looking to create a shiny new SP 2010 wiki site as a subsite. I could see the Enterprise Wiki template when creating a new site collection, but not when attempting to create a child site of an existing site collection. In MOSS 2007, I do not recall a situation where the “Wiki Site” template was not available, so I was surprised when I found that I was missing the option to create a new SP 2010 wiki site – aka Enterprise Wiki.

The answer is pretty easy – though may not be 100% obvious: Activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature on the site collection:


Once that is active, when you attempt to create a new site in a site collection where the publishing infrastructure is activated, the Enterprise Wiki template will be an option.

I went back to check: Activating the publishing Infrastructure feature in MOSS 2007 is not a requirement for the Wiki Site template. With all the new bling that comes with the 2010 wiki, it is reasonable that it would have more dependencies on other SharePoint components.

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