Thursday, March 28, 2013

RPC Server is Unavailable in Windows 8 App running in Windows Server 2012


Problem: This was an annoying problem – but I guess I have never encountered a non-annoying problem: Was working with a Windows App Store app on my Windows Server 2012 dev server. The app contained some media – mp3 and mp4 files – stuff that required audio. Whenever the app would attempt to stream one of these files into Windows Media Player (unimportant side note: Was using the Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework), the app would crash with the error “RPC Server is unavailable’.

Solution: After ensuring the Remote Procedure Call service was running (that would have been WAY too easy), and checking the event logs – which was a dead end – I noticed that the Windows Audio service was NOT running – and set to manual startup.  Starting the Windows Audio service resolved the issue.

I get why the Windows Audio service is not set for automatic start by default for Windows Server 2012 – so when it comes to this particular problem, I feel no anger towards Microsoft or the Windows Server team. In fact, I really like Windows Server 2012 so far – and still even hold Windows Server 2008 in high regard!

MetroPivot Web Part released on Codeplex

Finally got off my ass and published a side project I had around for a while. Get it on CodePlex at

What is it? If you are familiar with the EasyTabs web part, it is basically the same thing with a lot more style: Drop it in a Web Part zone, and it will ‘wrap’ all of the web parts in that zone into a fancy metro-styled pivot control. Check out the video demo:

metropivot demo from Chad Schroeder on Vimeo.

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